Fast Five Competition Rules

Fast Five Rules

Fast Five Netball Rules:

Fast Five features modified rules that are outlined below. Outside of these, the standard rules of netball apply.

  • Players: Each side only has five players on the court, compared with seven in normal netball competition. In mixed games, a minimum of 2 players from both genders is required on the court.
  • Timing: Each quarter lasts only six minutes, compared with 15 minutes in normal international netball competition. Breaks in between quarters are two minutes each. Injury time-outs are 30 seconds only; standard rules allow for one initial two-minute injury time-out.
  • Substitutions: Teams are allowed to use rolling substitutions, with no stoppages in play per substitution and with unlimited substitutions per quarter. Standard international rules only allow substitutions either between quarters or when a player is injured.
  • Power plays: Each team can separately nominate one “power play” quarter, in which each goal scored by that team counts for double points. The two teams cannot nominate the same quarter to be their power play. The team who starts the game with the centre pass will get to nominate their power play quarter first.
  • Two and Three-point shots: The goal shooter (GS) and goal attack (GA) may shoot goals from outside the shooting circle. These goals count for two points if scored from inside the outer zone and three points if scored in the super shot zone; in a power-play quarter, they would count for four and six points respectively.
  • Centre passes: After each goal, the team that conceded the goal takes the next centre pass; teams alternate taking the first centre pass of each quarter. Under normal rules, a coin toss determines the first centre pass of the match, after which centre passes alternate between the two teams.

Games are scheduled Monday evenings:

  • Monday: Alternating game slots of 6.30pm, 7.10pm and 7.50pm

As part of your Team Registration, you are agreeing you have read and accepted the below CPSC Fast Five Netball Competition Rules:

  • Team Registration payment of $600 is to be made by Credit Card Online.
  • Each participating player must be entered online (minimum of 5 registered players and maximum of 12 registered players per team will be accepted). Additional players can be added/removed throughout the season providing you do not exceed 12 registered players.
  • If your team requires to forfeit any matches, CPSC must be notified before 12pm on day of match by calling CPSC on (02) 9662 3526. Fail to notify CPSC regarding your forfeit or if notified after 12pm on day of match, your team will incur a $50 fine which is required to be paid at the CPSC Tennis Office before your next match. Fail to pay your forfeit fine prior to your next match; your team will not be eligible to take the court until CPSC has received payment.
  • Teams are to arrive at least 5-10 minutes prior to your game time and sign in at the Netball Control Room to receive your score sheet. If you are not on court by the start of your scheduled match time, you may receive an automatic forfeit as we will assume you are not coming and organise another game for your opponents. If you are issued an automatic forfeit your team will incur a $50 fine which is required to be paid at the CPSC Tennis Office before your next match. Fail to pay your forfeit fine prior to your next match; your team will not be eligible to take the court until CPSC has received payment.
  • Please respect all umpires and players. Any disrespect or verbal abuse will not be tolerated. Failure to adhere to these rules, you will be asked to leave the court or leave the netball court area to the umpires discretion. This could result in your team being removed from the competition with no refund.
  • Year 11 & 12 students are able to play, if under the age of 18 they must be accompanied by an adult at all games.
  • Centennial Parklands Sports Centre carries Public Liability Insurance. All players are encouraged to join a Medical Health Fund of their choice. Any injuries or incidents must be reported to your game umpire or the netball coordinator.
  • You are able to interchange your registered players if you are short on numbers for a match. You may also contact CPSC on (02) 9662 3526 for assistance in finding extra players for you where possible. Please ensure you do this within the timeframe allowed incase you require to forfeit the match. CPSC will not guarantee on finding players.
  • In the case of wet weather and our courts being deemed ‘unsafe’ to play on, we will announce via our FACEBOOK PAGE –
    We will try our best to get the post out before games commence if possible! We will only post if games are cancelled. Please trust that we have your best intentions at heart when making the tough decision to call off games.
    There is nothing more we love than seeing you all having a blast and enjoying yourselves out there, but as we know weather can be unpredictable! Our intention is to keep you safe while providing the games in which you have paid for.