Parkland Sport’s All Weather Field is a state-of-the-art synthetic field in Sydney. The FIFA, ARU NRL International Certificate All-Weather Field is located at Centennial Parklands Sports Centre. When it comes to performance, safety, durability and quality, this Soccer, Rugby, AFL and Rugby League is the best surface in Sydney and the number one choice when looking to hire a field. The All Weather Field has the advantage of similar playing characteristics as natural grass, with the added benefit of our field being available for hire for matches and training all year round, even in poor weather conditions. Lighting is available on these fields, as well as changing rooms and toilets within the Centennial Parklands Sports Centre complex.

To hire a field for a casual booking please use the online booking calendar below.

To enquire or make a Seasonal or Semi-Seasonal booking please email Brandon: bookings@parklandssports.com.au