Tuesday Mixed

As of 15/06/2017


  • The Breakers – Winners
  • Cheeky Monkey’s – Runners Up
Team Name
1st The Breakers
2nd Cheeky Monkeys
3rd Misere
4th Jdef’s Netbrawlers
5th Mexicans
6th Zappos
7th Magi & The Badgers
8th The Black Dawgs
9th Contact Precautions
10th Nets Top Models
11th Excols
12th We Gave Up Trivia For This



  • Wolfpack – Winners
  • SHNC King Cobras – Runners Up
Team Name
1st Wolfpack
2nd SHNC King Cobras
3rd Hot Shots
4th Bourkey’s Best
5th Rosslyn’s Team
6th The Opposition



  • SHNC Anacondas – Winners
  • Amazing Grace – Runners Up
Team Name
1st SHNC Anacondas
2nd Amazing Grace
3rd Supercold
4th Nethoggs
5th Ball So Hard
6th MonSTARS
7th The Black Balls
8th Netty Noobs
9th 50 Shades
10th Hoops There It Is
11th Amigos
12th Net Prophets
13th Netbrawlers
14th Gecko Bandits
15th Bourke Street
16th SHNC Diamond Pythons
17th Smart Passes
18th Kneed Replacements



  • Average Joes – Winners
  • Unique New York – Runners Up
Team Name
1st Average Joe’s
2nd Unique New York
3rd Super Netty Nerds
4th Nothing but Net
5th The Tony Modras
6th Shot’s Fired
7th Karl Throwgo
8th Net Prophets