Tuesday Ladies

As of 15/06/2017


  • Hoops! Lucy – Winners
  • Misfits – Runners Up
Team Name
1st Hoops! Lucy
2nd MisFits
3rd Shooting Stars
4th Sharkies
5th Prancing Pirates
6th Victorious Secrets
7th The Hoopsters
8th Canteam
9th New & Confused
10th Quick Steps
11th Strezleckis
12th Ladies of the Net



  • Shooter McGavin – Winners
  • Comeback Queens – Runners Up
Team Name
1st Shooter McGavin
2nd Comeback Queens
3rd Ruff Diamonds
4th Amicis
5th Balls of Glory
6th Red Devils
7th Dream Team
8th Bridgo Tango
9th Blue Ballers
10th Belles
11th Socialites
12th Joined Forces
13th Banana Sparks
14th Hoops! I did it again
15th Malls Balls
16th Marbles
17th Big Gals
18th Team Spring Fall 17



  • Emily’s Team – Winners
  • Ingrid’s Pink Ladies – Runners Up
Team Name
1st Emily’s Team
2nd Ingrid’s Pink Ladies
3rd Harry Potter
4th Red Frogs
5th Redferns
6th Goal Hooters
7th Ballzinga
8th Hob Nobs
9th Bondi Birds
10th Rocket Launchers
11th Ascham School
12th Out to Score
13th SHNC Hairy Vipers
14th The Squirrels
15th The Ball Fondlers
15th Goals
17th Hungry Hippos
18th Mellow Yellow
19th The Sharon Strezlecki’s
20th #MumsOnTheRun
21st Mamma Mia
22nd Hot Tamales
23rd Supa Nova’s
24th The Borrowers



  • Blackbirds – Winners
  • Net Over It – Runners Up
Team Name
1st Black Birds
2nd Net Over It
3rd Hot Shots 2.0
4th Veronica’s Team
5th Australia’s Nets Top Models
6th Punative Fathers