Thursday Mixed

As of 20/06/2017


  • Net-Ballers Shot-Callers – Winners
  • Goal Diggers – Runners Up
Team Name
1st Net-ballers Shot-callers
2nd Goal Diggers
3rd The Golden Snitches
4th CUBS
5th The Cheetah’s
6th Vin’s Chickens
7th The Haemoglobin Trotters
8th The Hunchbacks
9th Lavender
10th The Viners
11th Razmataz
12th See You Nets Thursday
13th Ballin
14th Maslow’s Hierarchy of Babes



  • Diamontes – Winners
  • SHNC Dugites – Runners Up
Team Name
1st Diamontes
2nd SHNC Dugites
3rd Net’s Get It On
4th Wubba Lubba Dub Dubs
5th Porkchop Netball Club
6th Tyrannoballus Rex
7th The Outliers
8th The A Team
9th Karen from Finance
10th Ball Busters
11th Shootmore
12th The Donald Trumpires
13th Lucy’s Team
14th The Ballers 2.0



  • Shooting with Friends – Winners
  • Kate’s Team – Runners Up
Team Name
1st Shooting with Friends
2nd Kate’s Team
3rd Wombats
4th SHNC Red Bellied Blacks
5th Offstruction
6th Resignators
7th Code Orange
8th SHNC Copperheads
9th Hoop Kitchen
10th Fenny and the Nets
11th Jim Jams
12th The Dales
13th Patrick’s Team
14th Oh Yeah
15th #NotAllMen
16th The Jays
17th Floaters
18th Cookie Monsters
19th Born to Try
20th The All Hacks
21st Puddlemere United
22nd Court Jesters



  • Army of Darkness – Winners
  • Newski – Runners Up
Team Name
1st Army of Darkness
2nd Newski
3rd SHNC Golden Crowns
4th Fenny and the Nets
5th Goal-oriented
6th Intimidators
7th Newballers
8th Space Pineapples
9th The Bloodhound Ballers
10th SJB
11th Mochi
12th Charlies Angels